Farmis-Reptilen is the Pharmaceutical Student Union's own magazine. It was founded in 1957 and is, in other words, an old magazine. Farmis-Reptilen is published four times a year and covers everything that you think might interest us pharmaceutical students.

In addition to Union news, it now contains recurring topics such as Pharmistoria, Pharmaboost, scientific and the edition's PhD as well as the”ranting”-column, travel reports, interviews and picture collages from the grand festivities at Pharmen.

Farmis-Reptilen wants to keep an informative purpose but also invite to entertainment, culture and debate! Subscribers consist mainly of pharmaceutical students but is also read by the faculty, interested individuals and the occasional curious employers. The magazine is put on Redax, the editors' room at Pharmen, where all pharmaceutical students are welcome with their ideas, thoughts and reflections.

The editorial staff, consisting of four editors and one responsible publisher, work with the magazine in its entirety. Everything regarding the layout and research for advertising sales and invoicing. It is a post that provides the ability to run and create something together, but above all, it provides a place to thrive. However, it is not only a diligent editorial staff who make a newspaper possible - it is created along with exceptional guest writers, photographers, advertisers and controllers ... and who knows, maybe in the near future even by you?

Publication schedule

The magazine is written from the script stops and a week ahead. The material that should be included in the paper has to be submitted by 17 o'clock, preferably by e-mail to:

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