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Student council protocols

The Pharmaceutical Student Union student council (FaSS) is the Union's committee for educational monitoring towards the Faculty of Pharmacy (Farmfak).

To the Student Council meetings contributes, among others, course representatives, student representatives of the Faculty's various bodies as well as other interested members and students. The course representatives are normally two per course and are important to every course to be able to keep the class informed about news that affects the education and profession. The Student Council has one meeting per month and of course, we discuss more than our courses at the Faculty. Below is a sample of other interesting topics covered at the student council meetings:

  • Students' own ideas and questions. Don't be afraid to bring up things that you would like to change or discuss, we are here for you!
  • We pay attention to the good efforts of our teachers by awarding them with the study council's awards!
  • Study-social issues, for example. insurances, residential- working environment- and equal opportunity questions.
  • Renewal of the - pharmaceutical programmes
  • Educational questions and course evaluations

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21 februari
25 March
15 april (på BMC)
28 May

Always 17.15 at Pharmen

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