Safety-, student- and PhD-Mediators

Our safety mediators work for your study environment!

At each institution, there are safety mediators that you can turn to when something is not working in the study environment. The safety mediators are just like you, undergraduate students, advanced level or doctoral level students, and represent your interests at the respective departmental Board.

You can contact them for help when your physical or psychological study environmental deficiencies. This may include, for example, lack of educational facilities or unreasonable performance demands. If there are shortcomings in gender equality, you can also get help from our student representative in the Committee for gender equality at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

To get in touch with the right safety mediators contact the Union's Study Social Member at

Here you will find guidelines for student working conditions!


Study Social Member

Vice President; education

Student mediator | 018 – 480 31 32 |

There are many rules and guidelines regarding your studies at the University. As a student, it can be difficult to keep track of what applies in different situations. The student mediator will help you respond to the rules and guidelines of the University and provides advice and help to solve the problems that have arisen, including authorities like CSN and the Insurance agency.

For problems concerning your education, you should first contact whom is responsible for study monitoring at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

PhD mediator |

As a PhD student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, you have the opportunity to seek the help by the PhD mediator with personal issues concerning your PhD studentship. For example, if you do not agree with your supervisor, or if there are deficiencies in the work environment. The PhD mediator is also obligated to professional secrecy.