Course representatives

Course representatives

Course representatives have a strong influence on their classmates study social environment and the educational quality work.

The course representatives' task is to analyze the course evaluations and compile them in a course report. The course report is written along with the course manager at a course evaluation meeting, at the latest two months after the end of the course. The report is then forwarded to the Committee at the Faculty of pharmacy of the bachelor's and master's level (GRUFF).

Course representatives also participate at the Union's student council meetings that deals with everything from the quality of the courses to study social issues. Their role at the student council meetings is to act as a link between the students and Faculty of Pharmacy. The course representatives bring information from the student council back to the course, they are also able to lift their classmates' problems and concerns to the student council participants.

För att tydliggöra kursrepresentanternas roll har Farmacevtiska Studentkåren tagit fram en Arbetsbeskrivning. Den hittar ni here.


To get in touch with your course representative, email the Union's Student Liasion Officer at:

What is a course representative?

A course representative represents and conveys his/hers classmates' views on a course to the course manager. In each course, there shall be two course representatives. Course representatives also participate in student councils to facilitate students' views to the student councils.

What does a course representative do?

As course representative you compile the course evaluation in a course report, which takes place at a meeting together with the course manager. Course representatives shall also participate in student councils to represent their course. Learn more about student councils here

Why should you become a course representative?

Course representatives are an important part of the quality process by ensuring that the courses will be continually improved and developed. Course representatives also contributes to an improved affinity between teachers and students. In addition, course representatives get a movie ticket for every filed course report.