Assistance in study related questions

As a student in need of help with study related questions please feel free to contact us.


Study social member

Vice President; education

Student Liaison Officer

Student- and graduate student delegates

If you as a student or graduate student encounter any problems in your education, you are welcome to contact us. It could be that you got into a conflict with the University, if you need support in disciplinary matters, or if you feel unfairly or improperly treated during your studies.

Student- and graduate student delegates are working for all students at Uppsala University, providing free assistance to all students and graduate students. You don't need to be a member of a Student Union to get this help. We will help you on your terms, and do not run a case forward, or run any further information if you do not want this.

Contact information for student- and graduate student delegates:

Phone: 018 – 480 31 32

To meet student- and graduate student delegates, book an appointment at either e-mail or phone.

Good to know! For students at basic and advanced level there are local agents out there on the various student unions that you can turn to. They are on your own campus and have better knowledge of your particular program or course.