Our mission

Course representatives and student representatives
The Union's study monitoring is largely driven by our course representatives and student representatives. The student representatives are present and represent the Union's opinion in each decision-making and preparatory bodies of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Uppsala University. Student representatives are elected by the Union's members and represent the views that the Union's members have jointly decided on at the time of the adoption of the Union's freedom of speech program.

Letters and referrals
To create good conditions for studies at Uppsala University, the Union is also a referral body vis-à-vis Uppsala University, the ministry of education and other entities taking decisions on issues related to the students at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Uppsala University. The letters are written by the Union's presidium, often in consultation with the relevant student representatives.

Safety representatives
At each institution's board there are safety representatives that you can turn to when something is not working in the study environment. The safety mediators are just like you, students at the Faculty of Pharmacy and represent your interests at the respective institutional board. If you have noticed flaws in the physical or mental study environment, this is where you can turn to!

Student council
At the student council meetings course representatives , student representatives and all students who are interested in what is current within the pharmaceutical education contribute. When a major issue is not covered by the freedom of speech program, it is brought up here to be debated, to make sure the opinion is well anchored with the students. The student council has one meeting per month. Come to the student council meetings if you want to know what issues are topical within the Faculty at the moment. Everyone is welcome!

The PhD council (FDR)
The Pharmaceutical PhD Council manages the Union's issues related to research and graduate education, their goal is to have a solid education from admission to thesis defence for all PhD students. The Pharmaceutical PhD student Council is part of the Doctoral Committee, which is a a joint body for all postgraduate students at Uppsala University.

National- and international study monitoring
Since our main focus is on the pharmaceutical educations, it is important to keep up to date with what is happening with the pharmaceutical educations nationally and internationally. We are doing this through a cooperation with the Swedish National Association of Pharmaceutical Students (SNAPS), European Pharmaceutical Student Association (EPSA) and the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation(IPSF). The international contacts are handled by the International Committee.

The student commissioner
There are many rules and guidelines regarding your studies at the University. As a normal student or a PhD student, it can be difficult to keep track of what applies in different situations. The commissioner will help you respond to rules and advice for solving problems that have occured. The student commissioner also informs the Union's student representatives on new issues. It gives us an opportunity to address the problem and avoid it to affect others.

Join and affect by doing some of the following:
  • Become a member in the Union
    Your membership is needed to give the Union a strong voice! Your membership provides us with the means to create great protection features for students who need help and the power to push students ' questions in the decision-making body within the University. The Union can be resembled as a trade union association. For the Union to be able to make its voice heard, members are required. These members are us students.
  • Share your opinions by answering course evaluations
    The higher the response rate on the course evaluations is, the more representative the results will be. Course evaluations with a high response rate, therefore has a higher impact in the change process. Giving positive feedback on the best parts of the course, to observe the potential for improvement and provide constructive suggestions for improvements are all examples of how you can influence your education and the future pharmacists.
  • Participate at the Union's student council meetings
    At the Union's student council meetings, members meet to take a position on different issues related to our courses and educations. We need your opinion to be able to represent it as well as possible! Everyone is welcome.
  • Come to the Union's meetings and make decisions on the Union's freedom of speech program- and governing documents
    The Union's members have the ultimate power over what issues the Union should operate within the University. The Union members also decide which students should represent them. We need your voice to get a wide diversity among our representatives!
  • Become a course representative
    As a course representative you get to present the course views at a meeting with the course manager. This is the perfect way to start your involvement with! Contact handlaggare@farmis.uu.se if you want to know more.
  • Become a student representative
    If you want to represent the views of the Student Union, there are many different bodies that you can become a student representative in, everything from the music council to the University Board. Contact the Nomination Committee on val@farmis.uu.se if you're interested! Information about the central student representative missions (not only related to the Faculty of pharmacy, but the entire University) is availabe here! There you can also directly search for available assignments, and learn more about what it means to be a student representative