President | Alice Fors | | 079-3340894

As President of the Union you are one of three presidium members in the Union Board. It the President's responsibility to manage the day-to-day operations at the Union, convene to and lead the Union meetings and Officer meetings and be responsible for information both internally and externally . As the President you are also the supervisor of hired staff. The President has many representative missions both within and outside the University and the student world, the President is in all of these contexts representing the members opinions and works for their best interests.


Vice President; economy | Vacant | |

The Vice President of Economy is responsible for the Union's economy. This doesn't include any direct handling of money, but rather being ultimately responsible for the members money and make sure it is managed in an appropriate manner. The Vice President of Economy is also the President's deputy, so if the President can't complete their work, I'm the one in charge. If you have questions about your Union-ID or other student cards, you should turn to me.


Vice President; education | Anna Pedersen | |

As Vice President with responsibility for educational matters, I, along with the Union's President and Vice President of Economy, have the overall responsibility for the Union's activities. The main task is to monitor the members study situation and work for a good study environment. I am also a student representative in GRUFF (The committee of undergraduate programme at the Faculty of Pharmacy), where the task is to monitor the students' interests. I am also the president of the Union's student council – the meeting place and discussion forum where studies and study social issues are discussed. If you have comments or opinions on your education or feel that you need help with study related issues, you should turn to me!


Student Liaison Officer | Julia Lindblom | |

As the faculty supervisor you are working full-time to review and compile all course evaluations received from the Faculty of Pharmacy. The work involves monitoring the educational quality and development but also to be a contact person for the course representatives. The faculty supervisor is also sitting in the "high school committee". The high school weekend is a project in which high school students from across the country will be invited to some informative days. The faculty supervisor is also a member of GRUFF (undergraduate committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy) and STURE (the student recruiting group). As the Student Liasion Officer you are part of the Union Board, you are the PR-Manager, which means that you are responsible for the Union's information. Handläggaren är även delaktig i studierådet och i studiebevakningen tillsammans med VicUt och Soc.


Study social member | Vacant | |

As the vice president of the student council you have the responsibility for study social issues. You try to ensure that the faculty look to the own individual, what requirements in addition to studies such this student has, for example. kids, CSN, work, family. The residence issue is also taken care of by the Study social member. Working with and against the Faculty is very interesting and makes sure that students' views and desires are taken into consideration before decisions are taken that concern them. At the same time you provide information about what's happening to students in different areas.


Klubbmästare | Vacant | |

Klubbmästarens uppgift är att ansvara för Klubbverket och all dess verksamhet. This includes all parties as well as the cleaning of the Student Union building, Pharmen. I am also Klubbverkets representative in the Board. Each semester two major parties are arranged, and in between some class reunions, exam parties, birthday parties, temapubar och mycket annat. Kårhuset är även tillgängligt för uthyrning och speciellt populärt bland doktorander som använder festsalen för sina disputationsmiddagar. All of the new students are very dear to my heart, and by helping Amöberiet to arrange a good welcome reception each semester, I hope that all the new Union members feel welcomed to Pharmen! All members of the Union are also welcome to be a part of Klubbverket and our organisation!


President of the Labour market committee | Victoria Östman | |

The President of the Labour market committee is responsible for the Union's cooperation agreements and contact with the pharmaceutical job market. In the Union's internal and external sponsorship activities I have a coordinating role. If any company wants to get into contact with the Pharmaceutical Student Union, this should be done through me.
I am responsible for organizing activities with work connection during University weeks for the students doing their internship.
I am also the project manager for Pharmada, Sweden's largest career fair for pharmacists, held in March each year.


Secretary | Madeleine Gbakagna| |

The Secretary convenes meetings, writes protocols during the Union- and Board meetings and keeps the Union's officer list, statutes and regulations updated. The Secretary is also the President's right hand man in the work of the Board. Contact the Secretary if you wish to have direct phone number or email address to one of the Union's officers. This is also where you should turn if you have questions about your officer description, as well as the corporate plan and report.


On the upper floor at Pharmen is the Board room, where the union full-time President and officers have their offices. Members are always welcome with any questions and concerns. . Welcome!.

Opening hours:
Mon: 13:30-17:00
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Phone: 079-3340894

At Farmis expedition Eva Andersson sit, who is the Union's treasurer. She can help you with various issues and from her you can buy some textbooks, pins and sweaters.

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The Student Union building is very accessible; equipped with elevator, big toilets and spacious entrances to all rooms on all floors.