Honorary members

The Union meeting can call an honorary member, which is a person that has eminent knowledge about the Union and its aspirations. Calling them honorary members is the Union's way to express their gratitude and esteem.

Honorary Member Installed Merit
Ingvar Sjöholm 1980 Inspector 1977-1980
Gunnar Samuelsson 1991 Inspector 1986-1990
Birgitta Davidson 1991 The Foundation Farmis. Sponsor of the new Pharmen
Hans Elg 1992 The Foundation Farmis
Lars Pousette 1992 The Foundation Farmis. Akademiräntmästare UU
Uli Hacksell 1994 Inspector 1991-1994
Björn Lindeke 1998 Sponsor of FaS through Apotekarsociteten
Christer Nyström 1998 Inspector 1994-1998
Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes 2002 Excellent contribution to the pharmaceutical educations
Lennart Nilsson 2005 New Pharmens tireless caretaker for many years
Dag Johannesson 2006 Sponsor of the new Pharmen. General lawyer at Apoteksbolaget
Thony Björk 2008 Long-term support as a sponsor
Ingrid Nylander 2011 Excellent contribution to the pharmaceutical educations
Per Manell 2011 The Mentor Academy's founder, long-term support as an accountant
Eva Andersson 2012 Long-term support as a director
Anders Grahnén 2013 Inspector 2004-2013