We have the mandate and the commitment required to affect our education!

A Student Union is an organization at a university or college program whose main purpose is to take part in the development and prospects of the students' studies. The Pharmaceutical Student Union represents all students at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Uppsala in matters related to students' study environment, education and working conditions. For a long time we have had a very good cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy. By being present at any decision regarding our education, we can ensure that students' interests are always taken into consideration.

The Union's study coverage consists of several stages, all of which are run by committed students!

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On the upper floor at Pharmen is the Board room, where the union full-time President and officers have their offices. Members are always welcome with any questions and concerns. . Welcome!.

Opening hours:
Mon: 13:30-17:00
Tue: 09:30-12:00
Thu: 13:30-17:00
Phone: 079-33 40 894

At Farmis expedition Eva Andersson sit, who is the Union's treasurer. She can help you with various issues and from her you can buy some textbooks, pins and sweaters.

Opening hours:
Mon: 09:30-17:00
Wed: 09:30-14:00

Hours by phone:
Tue: 08:00-10:00
Thu: 08:00-10:00
Phone: 079-3342392

Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 16
752 37 Uppsala

The Student Union building is very accessible; equipped with elevator, big toilets and spacious entrances to all rooms on all floors.