Steering documents

Steering documents

The Pharmaceutical Student Union's (FaS) main task is to defend students interests and to promote good education. The students themselves are investing a lot of time and effort into their studies and may thus require that their education is of the highest possible quality. In addition, FaS works to make sure the students are socially thriving. It is therefore obvious that we simply and clearly present the views and approaches through which we will work for the students well. That is why we have adopted this opinion program with which we hope to extend the students opinions and find a support in the Union members views.

The purpose of the Union is under the parliamentary decision to conduct study monitoring. In order to do this properly, it requires some guidelines. Here, things that includes central issues of the students study situation such as student representation and the higher education ordinance, are brought up.

The Pharmaceutical Student Union is working to make sure:

  • That the University and the students shall in consultation be responsible to create the highest possible quality of education.
  • That the students views regarding all educational issues are taken into great consideration.
  • That the education provides the students with relevant skills for their future workplaces.
  • That the educational programmes are following the higher education act that applies for all higher educations in Sweden.
  • That the educations are constantly being developed and renewed in line with international change.

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Policy documents

The Pharmaceutical Student Union Board has adopted a series of policy documents that will facilitate the work of the Board and seem indicative to the Union's operations.

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