Letters and opinions

The Pharmaceutical Student Union is actively working to create good conditions for studies at Uppsala University. Some of the work is to be consulted in relation to Uppsala University, the ministry of education and other entities taking decisions on issues related to the students at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Uppsala University.


Union President


Union President

Fall semester 2017

171204 – Letter concerning the alternative exam form during the course pharmacognosy (3FN201)

171013 – Response to proposal concerning national admissions

171001 – Response to the memorandum Broad participation in university education

Spring semester 2017

170524 – Opinion on the report: A more open and simpler system for the admission to tertiary education at the basic level (SOU 2017-20)

170313 – Clinical education – Reality or not?

170217 – FaS letter concerning prescription competence

170213 – Comments from Union co-operation concerning the addition to the decision on the modalities for the preparation of proposals to the Principal and the appointment of Deputy Principal

Spring semester 2015

150513 – Opinion concerning the draft guidelines for the conduct of the written tests in the University premises

150415 – Opinion on draft programme and action plan for internationalization

150415 – Comments concerning the draft opinion paper on quality assurance of higher education

Fall semester 2014

140911 – Opinion on abolishing the age depreciation for recovery of student loans and student aid

140813 – Opinion on revision of the pharmaceutical- programmes

140701 – Opinion regarding memorandum of fees within the framework of a cooperation in education

Spring semester 2014

140618 – Letter regarding examination systems

140512 – Opinion on objectives and strategies

140401 – Opinion on guidelines for study- and career guidance

140204 – UNT increased bus fares hits hard on the students

140122 – Opinion concerning the basis for budget information 2015-2017