Board meetings

At Board meetings, the eight Board members attend, along with representatives who review the board. Board meetings are held every third week under the guidance of the President of the Student Union.

Board protocol

Union meetings

Union meetings are held four times per year. March, May, September and November. During these meetings the Union's positions are filled. The Union has about 80 officer posts and there is something for everyone. If you are interested in having a responsibility within the Union or to learn more about the activities of the Student Union, you should go to the meetings!

Union meeting protocol


Student council

To the Student Council meetings contributes, among others, course representatives, student representatives of the Faculty's various bodies as well as other interested members and students. The course representatives are normally two per course and are important to every course to be able to keep the class informed about news that affects the education and profession. The Student Council has one meeting per month and of course, we discuss more than our courses at the Faculty.

Student council protocols