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The Pharmaceutical Student Union's logotype consists of the snake emblem and the bowl surrounded by bay leaves. Under the emblem is in the standard version the words "PHARMACEUTICAL STUDENT UNION" in all caps and small caps. The font used is represented best by Garamond. The emblem should not be used without the accompanying text, for it to be clear that it is referred to the Pharmaceutical Student Union. The logotype is in the standard version "Farmis green" (see below), but is available in black and white as well. When printed vector format is always used (eps, ai), images in raster format for digital display (jpg, png) is always saved from a vector format to the desired size to avoid quality loss.
Logotypes in vector- and raster format

FaS logotypes

Color codes for "Farmis green"




C: 84
M: 40
Y: 100
K: 40


R: 36
G: 86
B: 14