Our fairs


Pharmada is the largest career fair for pharmacists that aims to inspire students for the coming working life. The Pharmaceutical Student Union wants to offer a venue with potential employers and opportunities for dialogues with experienced business representatives. Pharmada offers during the day several meetings between students and working life through the fair at BMC, meetings and is ended with a mingle dinner at Pharmen.

Pharmada 2019 arrangeras av Pharmadakommittén under ledning av Veronika Westergren den 14 March.

Följande utställare kommer vara på plats:
Kronans apotek, AstraZeneca, Apotek Hjärtat, Apoteket AB, HAYS, Apoteksgruppen, ApoEx, Lloyds apotek, APL, Apotekarsocieteten, CTC, Sveriges Farmaceuter, Apotekskonsulterna, Upool, PharmaRelations, Akademiska sjukhuset, Unionen, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals, HP Search & Interim, Svensk Dos, MSD, Tamro, Apostar, Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Farmaceuter utan gränser, CDD, Drivhuset, Campus1477, Magisterprogram i klinisk farmaci, Master program in Pharmaceutical modelling, Masterprogram i läkemedelsutveckling och i läkemedelsanvändning, Farmaceutiska doktorandrådet, SNAPS, The Pharmaceutical Student Union

Is your company interested in attending at Pharmada? Send an email to projektledare@pharmada.se

For more information; www.pharmada.se

Uppsala weeks

The Uppsala weeks are the weeks where students at their last semester on the Master's level Pharmacy programme, semester 10 comes back to the University from their internship. During these weeks, we offer an opportunity for companies to get in touch with students at the end of their training and vice versa.

Once a semester, there is an exhibition arranged, during the remaining weeks, we offer you the possibility of holding, among other things,. lunch seminars and lectures in conjunction with our pub. The Uppsala weeks occurs twice per semester.