The Mentor Academy has a solid composition. There is 11 people with a CEO-position, for example. Richard Bergström from LIF, Apotekarsocietetens President Eva Sjökvist-Saers and EMEA:s Chief Operating Officer Thomas Lönngren. Most likely, the Mentor Academy is the only alumni association with an Olympic gold medalist in curling.

Anders Grahnén (former FaS Inspector, lecturer. Professor, former head of research Quintiles)
Anders Henriksson (licensed doctor, CEO Hermelinen Private Hospital)
Anders Ljunggren (former Chief Scientist, AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal)
Anders Viklund (Pharmacist, WHO-UMC)
Anita Finne-Grahnén (Pharmacist, Director LIF)
Anna Carlsson (Pharmacist, Uppsala University)
Anna Larsson (Bachelor's level Pharmacist, TLV)
Anna Sommansson (Pharmacist, Uppsala University)
Birgitta Davidsson (Pharmacist, KPAB)
Caroline Janzen (Bachelor's level Pharmacist, The Medical Products Agency, MPA (Läkemedelsverket))
Charlotta Alvarmo (Pharmacist, Apoteket AB)
Charlotta Theander (Pharmacist, Apotek Hjärtat)
Clara Regnander (Pharmacist, Lilly)
Emilia Peterson (Pharmacist, Pfizer AB)
Emma Olsson (Pharmacist, Apoteket AB)
Emma Sabelström (Pharmacist, Takeda)
Erica Hagblom (Pharmacist, The Medical Products Agency, MPA (Läkemedelsverket))
Erik Stridh (Pharmacist, The Medical Products Agency, MPA (Läkemedelsverket))
Eva Lund (Bachelor's level Pharmacist, Janssen-Cilag AB, Olympic gold medalist in curling)
Eva Sjökvist Sares (Farm Dr, CEO APL, President. Apotekarsocieteten)
Frida Moqvist (Pharmacist, Akademiska Sjukhuset)
Ghazaleh Khodabakhshi (Pharmacist, Abbvie)
Gustaf Christoffersson (Pharmacist, MedFak,Uppsala University)
Håkan Mandahl (Honorary pharmacist, Pol Mag, former. CEO LIF, Pharmaforte AB)
Hedda Andersson (Pharmacist, Kendle Sweden AB)
Inger Näsman (Pharmacist LIF)
Joakim Söderberg (Pharmacist, Svensk Dos, Health Solutions, Blogger)
Karin Bernadotte (Pharmacist, MSD AB)
Karin Eriksson (Bachelor's level Pharmacist, Director LIF)
Karl Franklin (Pharmacist, Fresenius Kabi)
Kerstin Franzén (Pharmacist, Pfizer AB)
Klas Petersson (Pharmacist, Farm Fak)
Kristofer Klerfalk (Pharmacist, Health Solutions, Svensk Dos )
Kristoffer Bäckman (Pharmacist, Allergan)
Lars Olofsson (Pharmacist, former CEO MSD AB, Consultant)
Lisbet Wahl (Pharmacist, Pfizer AB)
Magnus Thyberg (Cheif of medicine SLL)
Martin Svensson (Pharmacist, Health Solutions, Svensk Dos)
Niklas Hedberg (TLV)
Nils-Bertil Nilsson (Pharmacist, NB Farmkonsult AB)
Per From (Pharmacist, former. CEO Astra Sweden)
Per Manell, President of the Mentor Academy (FaS Honorary Member, Medicinal Council, Board President in some pharmaceutically oriented companies)
Per Öhrngren (Pharmacist,)
Pernilla Sandwall (Pharmacist, MSD AB)
PO Wallström (Pharmacist, CEO KaroBio AB)
Pär Skoglund (Pharmacist, Roche AB)
Richard Bergström (Pharmacist, EFPIA)
Sven-Åke Eckernäs (Pharmacist, Med .Dr, licensed Doctor, Lecturer, free consultant)
Thomas Lönngren, (Pharmacist, former Executive Director EMEA)
Thomas Straumits (Pharmacist, MSD)
Thony Björk (Pharmacist, former President Sveriges Farmaceuter, vice president FIP)
Tomas Salmonson (Farm Dr, The Medical Products Agency, MPA (Läkemedelsverket) & EMEA)
Torbjörn Sjölin (Pharmacist, former unit head at the MPA)
Ulf Janzon (Pharmacist, MSD)
Wenche Rolfsen (Farm Dr, former. CEO Quintiles AB, Rolfsen Consulting AB)


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