Mentor Academy

Mentor Academy, consisting of representatives from different parts of the pharmaceutical supplies, serves as a link between you, the pharmaceutical student, and the profession. The Mentor Academy will help you with any questions you have about the workplace and gives you a better insight into the pharmaceutical industry, both in Sweden and internationally.

The Mentor Academy has been around since 2004 and is the Pharmaceutical Student Union's (FaS) own alumni operation. Behind the Mentor Academy, FaS Inspector Anders Karlén, Mentor Academy Founder Per Manell and the President of the Mentor Academy Kristofer Klerfalk stand, whom also has accounted for the biggest part of the recruitment of Mentor Academy members. They are people with different backgrounds in professional life and the mentors cover with their expertise basically all parts of the pharmaceutical sector. What unites the mentors are, with a few exceptions, that they all have studied to pharmacists at Farmis. The part of the business that is not represented is the academic part. Even if several mentors have been PhD students the initial intention was to give the prospective pharmacists a better insight in the future working life outside the Academy.

The Mentor Academy has a solid composition. There is 11 people with a CEO-position, for example. Richard Bergström from LIF, Apotekarsocietetens President Eva Sjökvist-Saers and EMEA:s Chief Operating Officer Thomas Lönngren. See Mentor Academy members as a whole under the tab ”Mentors”. Most likely, the Mentor Academy is the only alumni association with an Olympic gold medalist in curling.

The operation has so far mainly consisted of Mentoring meetings with lectures on Pharmen, study visits to various companies and mentor lunches. The business's main focus has always been to be an interaction between the students and mentors. Unfortunately, students can sometimes feel a, certainly non-existent, but yet perceived barrier before daring to contact a successful mentor with many years in the industry. To remedy this, the Academy now therefore sets up course mentors, starting spring semester 2009. A course mentor is a pharmacist with a few professional years. This ensures that both the mentor and the student have an easier way to find a common starting point. All pharmaceutical- courses have today received a course mentor with the same education as the students conduct. To get a more continuous activity, the course mentor will follow "their" course throughout the whole educational programme. The course mentor visit the course at BMC in the beginning of each semester and will inform about the Mentor Academy programs. The business is now extended with Mentor pubs at Pharmen one evening a month where the course mentor dedicates specifically to "his" students. The Mentor Academy's previous arrangements are to be continued as before. Course mentors is an enhancement to an already strong activity that is extremely important to continue developing when Farmis in Uppsala have unique opportunities to organize this type of contact with the pharmaceutical industry compared with other training centres in the country.

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